James Good

Today I thought I'd post about an agency pretty close to home in Swansea who I really love. James Good Limited have a fantastic portfolio with a wide range of clients. My particular favourite is their branding for Seren which won them the Cardiff Design Festival award for best branding. After my recent placement in Seren I saw how successful the brand is for the publishing company, and how it has rejuvenated their brand. Other great identies and projects by James Good include Roundhouse and Monster Video.

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  1. Hi Danielle.

    Just a quick comment to thank you for your kind blog post.

    I'm really pleased that you love our work and it's great to hear that the Seren brand identity design is working well... from an insider's perspective!

    It's funny that you've selected Monster Video as one of your favourites. It's possibly our most controversial design to-date. People either love it or hate it! I think it's because it's so different from our usual house style, but it was perfectly fit-for-purpose, as all our designs are of course!!

    Thanks again.

    James Good.