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So I've been a bit lazy with my blogging recently. This is mainly down to my job hunting attempts and how many applications I've been sending out!

I've had a few interviews lately for a variety of different roles and I am happy to say that I've finally got a job! It may not be in the industry I started out applying for, but it'll be a great start to be on the employment ladder and getting some experience dealing with customers. I also hope to run my own personal ventures alongside my new job and I have an exciting illustration collaboration in the pipeline (fingers crossed!)

This came from my adventure today at the old Coal Exchange building based in Cardiff bay. I went to the 'Creative Exchange' which was a series of talks, seminars and discussions about the creative industries. I found the event really helpful as I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and spoke to some people I would never have normally spoken to. I've always found large social situations leave me tongue tied and embarrassed to speak so I made myself go to this talk to improve my people skills. I love meeting new people but find it hard to be myself straight away so I was pleased to meet some people today who really put me at ease and were very interesting to talk to.

I hope to go some more events like the Creative Exchange in the future as it was a fantastic networking opportunity and an opportunity to learn from people who really knew their stuff. The people I found inspirational from the day include Dr. Oli Mould, a lecturer in Geography from the University of Salford. I would recommend taking a look at his taCity blog as he had some interesting points in his keynote speech about how cities encourage collaboration and creativity. I also enjoyed a group discussion headed up by Julian Sykes of Hoffi, ThinkArc and ArcLab.

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