Resolutions and Memories

2011 was a good year.

My New Years Resolutions:

Do more
See more
Live more.


New Years Resolutions

I have decide that I will start blogging more frequently.

1. because i liked doing it.
2. because i'm going to get a phone, not a brick, that will have internet on it and will be sparkly and cool and do clever things like update statuses and add pictures i take with a phone camera.
3. because i'm losing touch with all things pretty. Staring at a PC all day can be very uninspiring.


I'm in the money..

Ok so I'm definitely not in the money, but I'll be a bit more free with my funds as I finally after 6 long months have a job! It's not a design job so it's not my ideal scenario, but I'm really enjoying myself and learning something new. My blog posting is definitely taking a back seat while I work out how I can do design and illustration around my job but hopefully I can work something out!


Catch up

So I've been a bit lazy with my blogging recently. This is mainly down to my job hunting attempts and how many applications I've been sending out!

I've had a few interviews lately for a variety of different roles and I am happy to say that I've finally got a job! It may not be in the industry I started out applying for, but it'll be a great start to be on the employment ladder and getting some experience dealing with customers. I also hope to run my own personal ventures alongside my new job and I have an exciting illustration collaboration in the pipeline (fingers crossed!)

This came from my adventure today at the old Coal Exchange building based in Cardiff bay. I went to the 'Creative Exchange' which was a series of talks, seminars and discussions about the creative industries. I found the event really helpful as I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and spoke to some people I would never have normally spoken to. I've always found large social situations leave me tongue tied and embarrassed to speak so I made myself go to this talk to improve my people skills. I love meeting new people but find it hard to be myself straight away so I was pleased to meet some people today who really put me at ease and were very interesting to talk to.

I hope to go some more events like the Creative Exchange in the future as it was a fantastic networking opportunity and an opportunity to learn from people who really knew their stuff. The people I found inspirational from the day include Dr. Oli Mould, a lecturer in Geography from the University of Salford. I would recommend taking a look at his taCity blog as he had some interesting points in his keynote speech about how cities encourage collaboration and creativity. I also enjoyed a group discussion headed up by Julian Sykes of Hoffi, ThinkArc and ArcLab.


Eric Carle

I have an urge today to make something and be creative, and my ultimate creative artist, probably from birth, has been Eric Carle. I will never tire of seeing The Hungry Caterpillar or Mister Seahorse. I might just try to make my own tissue paper character today...


Gemma Milly

OK, so I'm a total sucker for a compliment... (aren't we all?!) and was very humbled to have a recommendation to the T&Cake post on my blog by Gemma Milly. Now I'd recently found Gemma on Twitter and loved her work so it was great to have some nice feedback. I would like to return the favour and direct your attention towards Gemma's website which features some fantastic illustrations including this beautiful portrait of 'that kiss' by the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their royal wedding day!


Hattie Newman

An old favourite of mine to go to when I need some inspiration, Hattie Newman. She uses colour to fabulous effect and has an impressively huge list of clients including Cadbury, Sony and Grafik magazine to name but a few. Hattie is a UWE graduate of Illustration and now is based in London. View her website here.



This T&Cake identity has been designed for a new caf
é based in Almondbury, Yorkshire. The identity was created by Build; a London based graphic design agency. I very much like Build's mission statement on their website: 

"We  believe  in  the  importance  of  intelligent  design,  the  integrity  of  original  design, 
and  the  virtue  of  beautiful  design. 
We  believe  exceptional  design  is  all  of  these  things. 
And  this  is  what  makes  people  take  notice."

Maggie Li

Maggie Li is a London based illustration graduate from Kingston University. She now freelances and has many big clients including Harper Collins and Jack Wills. You can follow her blog / twitter / see her website here.